About Us:

Scoring Solutions is a leading developer and provider of acquisition, customer management, collections/recovery, marketing scorecards, hosted scoring services and risk management services. We are a privately-held corporation and provide excellent customer service and solutions focused on our clients' goals. We use innovative analyses and advanced statistical techniques to deliver solutions that are unique to each client.

We are located in Atlanta, Georgia and service clients both in the US and abroad. Since 1993, we have helped over 400 companies across the world to achieve their business goals.

Competitive Advantage:

"Scoring Solutions differs from their competitors in that they provide custom tailored solutions for each client and a high level of service. The client does not get a standard package."

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Steve Darsie

Steve Darsie has been a Scoring Solutions principal since 2005.  His responsibilities include new business, scorecard development, and decision analytics consulting. Steve's broad background in financial services has included risk management, credit scoring, product development, and software systems for all stages of the credit life cycle including targeting, acquisition, account management, collection and recovery activities.

Steve has over 30 years of consulting experience in scoring and software applications for the credit industry in Canada, the US and the Caribbean.  Before joining Scoring Solutions, he was President of Experian Scorex Canada where he managed the sales, delivery and servicing of Canadian clients. Steve also led the Experian Scorex US and Canadian software delivery and development teams that focused on application processing, customer management and reporting software.  In addition, Steve was responsible for the development of generic scorecards and hosted collection solutions.

Steve has an MBA in Corporate Finance from Georgia State University and a BS in Commerce from Washington and Lee University.

Elina Rodriguez

Elina Rodriguez joined Scoring Solutions as a company founder in 1993. Elina's expertise includes advanced analytics, project management, scorecard development and implementation consulting. Elina works closely with clients to develop and deliver solutions specifically designed to meet their goals. She incorporates individualized consultation with every service she delivers. Her extensive experience throughout her career enables her to provide expert guidance in the credit policy and system implementation areas.

Since 1987, Elina has developed account acquisition, behavior, revenue, commercial and bankruptcy scorecards for bank, retail, credit card, consumer finance, commercial finance, credit union, microlending, and telecommunications portfolios in the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, Asia, Europe and Australia.

Prior to joining Scoring Solutions, Elina was Assistant Vice President at MDS Decision Systems, now Experian. Prior to joining MDS, Elina was employed by DBA Systems, Inc. Elina received her MS in Statistics and BS in Mathematics from the University of Florida.

Greg Wieder


Greg Wieder joined Scoring Solutions in 1995 and is responsible for the development of segmentation systems and predictive models. His experience includes developing scorecards for banks, credit card issuers, retailers, finance companies, collection agencies, debt buyers and telecommunication businesses in both the United States and abroad. These include account acquisition, behavior, bankruptcy, collection and targeting systems. Greg has extensive experience analyzing and interpreting credit bureau data.

Prior to joining Scoring Solutions, Greg worked in the Marketing Research and Analysis department of Oglethorpe Power Corporation. Greg has also designed and maintained databases as a consultant to the Georgia Tech Alumni Association.

Greg has MS and Bachelor of Industrial Engineering degrees from Georgia Tech.