Scoring Solutions offers analytical expertise to help our clients achieve and maintain their competitive edge - overcoming the challenges posed by the competition, tough market conditions, and internal demands for greater efficiency. We can integrate effective solutions within your business environment that will improve your bottom line.

Business Consulting:

Performing Sensitivity Analysis - Testing new strategies and understanding the ramifications of a decision are critical in mitigating risk.

Automating Manual Decision Processes - Manual decision processes are slow, expensive, and subject to the personal influences of the individual making the decisions. Many processes can be automated eliminating unnecessary time, expense, and influence.

Validations - These results tell you how well your scorecard is working and whether it is time for a tune-up.

Basel Analyses - Validations and reviews of Probability of Default models to meet Basel requirements. Our recommendations provide your road map to continued success.

Portfolio Monitoring - Derive the maximum value from your portfolio by thoroughly understanding the business results that are being generated and making changes to improve processes.

Pricing Strategies - Effective pricing strategies can improve profitability by differentiating you company from the competition with pricing for the level of risk.

Decision Strategies - Effective decision strategies are critical to maximizing the success of application processing, customer management, collection and recovery systems. Analysis of the results of your decision strategies is essential to designing future improvements.


Scoring Workshops:

Consultants train management as well as new or inexperienced staff in the appropriate usage of scoring systems.