Scoring Solutions Expands Attribute Library

Scoring Solutions has recently expanded its' tri-bureau credit attribute library to reflect changes that have been made in the credit bureaus related to real estate market issues. New attributes were added for Home Equity and Mortgages to isolate customer attributes where there was a credit line reduction, a credit line suspension, or a loan modification. New attributes were also added to further refine the definition of collection items.

The Scoring Solutions attribute library now has in excess of 1,100 tri-bureau credit attributes. These attributes are available to assist with the development of custom scoring models and credit policy rules. The attributes are accessible through Score360™, a scoring and credit bureau attribute engine with pre-configured interfaces to credit bureaus and other sources of data. The attribute library has been fully programmed and quality audited. Score360™ is accessible via a web services call.

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A New Look at Defining Performance Outcomes

A recent behavioral scoring project Scoring Solutions conducted for an overseas client included an innovative approach to defining performance. In this fixed-payment portfolio, the performance of a loan over the outcome period was defined by looking at the average number of payments past due over the outcome period, as opposed to the more typical maximum number of payments past due.


The performance was calculated based on the loan amortization curve, actual payments made, and payment frequency. This approach resulted in a performance definition that was less sensitive to brief "spikes" in delinquency than would the typical alternative, and therefore provided a more robust separation into good and bad categories based on profitability.

This work highlights Scoring Solutions' commitment to explore new approaches that improve the performance of our models and better meet the needs of our customers.

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