Scoring Solutions Provides CUSTOM MODELS to Commercial Lender


A commercial lender selected Scoring Solutions to develop their origination scorecards using internal information and commercial exchange data.  The new scorecards will help to automate the decision process for this lender.


CUSTOM Targeting scoring System


Scoring Solutions recently completed a comprehensive prescreen marketing solution for a subprime lender.  The solution consists of a suite of scorecards that the lender can use to optimize their mail campaigns in terms of risk and response.  The system is expected to significantly improve results for the lender as they continue to grow their portfolio.  


AUTOmobile Expert Models Recently validated


Scoring Solutions recently validated the Indirect Auto and Subprime Auto Expert Models for two clients.  The results showed that the Expert Models are extremely predictive.  These models are gradually customized for each client when sufficient performance data is available that is representative of the applicant population.  In addition to the models, Scoring Solutions provides instructions used to program the models and adverse action reason calculations, monthly and annual monitoring report analysis to understand the performance of the models, on-going consulting related to models use, and baseline projections to guide approval and pricing strategies. Scoring Solutions has a suite of acquisition Expert Models that include the following: General Risk, Unsecured Revolving, Installment, Automotive and Non-Prime. These models were developed utilizing our extensive experience and are able to distinguish creditworthy from non-creditworthy applicants within their respective industry.