Score360® is a scoring and attribute engine for rapid implementation and deployment of scorecards, strategies, and credit bureau attributes. Score360® is available for real-time or off-line decisions. Several features are available depending on your business requirements:

  • Over 1,100 comprehensive and state-of-the-art tri-bureau credit attributes

  • All the system functionality needed to quickly and accurately implement your custom scorecards:

  • Ready-to-use interfaces to consumer and commercial credit bureaus

  • Fast implementation of custom interfaces to internal databases and other data sources

  • Maintenance of a historical database for reporting and scorecard validation including a performance feedback loop

  • Standard and custom scorecard monitoring and validation reports

  • Ready-to-use Scoring Solutions credit bureau attribute library

  • Programming of scorecards and score-cutoffs and delivery of decisions and strategies

  • Workflow tools to ensure that the scoring process works as designed

  • Fully tested interfaces, credit bureau attributes and scorecard calculations

  • Model development attribute calculator (standardized for tri-bureau use)

  • Updates to models, as needed

  • Suite of ready-to-use Expert Models for various industries and product lines

  • Secure data transfer protocols

  • Quick decision turnaround time